Board of Students' Developement (BSD)

During the Academic Year 2017-18 the various activities conducted under Board of Student Welfare are as follows:

Workshop on Personality Development for Girls

In the academic year 2017-18 one day workshop was organized on 28th Dec 2017. This scheme is only meant for girl student.   The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. C. Sanklecha in presence of Principal Dr. V. M. Sewlikar.    In first session of workshop Dr. C. Sanklecha (Gynecologist) guided girls students regarding "Health Of Women". The lecture was also augmented with general tips and gynac tips for good health.   In second session girls were guided by Dr. A. R. Bharadwaj (CEO) on "Human Transactions". He appel students how to control on emotions, ego,super ego, avoid in ferity complex & increase confidence.   In Third session was honoured by the presence of Mrs.Javhavi Aapte. She guided girls about "Attitute Towards Life" and good habits.   

Inspirational Lecture was given by    Dr. C. Sanklecha (Gynecologist)   on "Health of Women".

Inspirational Lecture was given by    Dr. A. R. Bharadwaj (CEO)    on "Human Transactions" .

Inspirational Lecture was given by    Mrs.Javhavi Aapte (School Teacher)    on "Attitute Towards Life".

Latest News

  • Two Days workshop of Bahishall Kshishan Mandal is organized by K.K.Wagh senior college & Savitribai Phule Pune University at Panjabrao Sabhagruha dated on 18th and 19th July 2018,Saraswati Nagar,Nashik.

  • Two Days workshop of Design of Gaming under Computer Society of India Student Branch will be held on dated 20th and 21st July 2018, Nashik.
  • Our 29 students selected in Tata Consultancy Services=> T.Y.B.Com-08, T.Y.BBA-07, T.Y.Biotech-07, T.Y.B.Sc(Plain)-06, T.Y.Micro-01.

  • Our 23 students selected in Concentrix Daksh Services India Pvt.Ltd.=> T.Y.BCA-08, T.Y.B.Sc(Comp.Sci.)-06, T.Y.B.Sc-03, T.Y.BBA-03, T.Y.B.Com-02, T.Y.Biotech-01.

  • Our 11 students selected in ICICI Prudential=> T.Y.BCA-03, T.Y.BBA-04, T.Y.B.Com-04.

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