Prof.More Dilip Ramchandra.
Director of Physical Education Sports

Gymkhana Department establish 2003-04. Sports physical education is the indivisible and integral part of the education so physical education is most essential for the over all development of the students keeping this view in mind college gymkhana department run many Indoor and Outdoor activities as follows:

1. Table Tennis (M/W)
2. Carrom( M/W)
3. Chess (M/W)
4. Badminton (M/W)

1. Cricket
2. Football
3. Basket Ball (M/W)
4. Volley Ball (M/W)
5. Athletics (M/W)
6. Boxing
7. Swimming & Water Polo (M/W)
8. Weight lifting /Body building
9. Wrestling
10. Khokho
11. Kabaddi
12. Hand Ball (M/W)

Latest News

  • Two Days workshop of Bahishall Kshishan Mandal is organized by K.K.Wagh senior college & Savitribai Phule Pune University at Panjabrao Sabhagruha dated on 18th and 19th July 2018,Saraswati Nagar,Nashik.

  • Two Days workshop of Design of Gaming under Computer Society of India Student Branch will be held on dated 20th and 21st July 2018, Nashik.
  • Our 29 students selected in Tata Consultancy Services=> T.Y.B.Com-08, T.Y.BBA-07, T.Y.Biotech-07, T.Y.B.Sc(Plain)-06, T.Y.Micro-01.

  • Our 23 students selected in Concentrix Daksh Services India Pvt.Ltd.=> T.Y.BCA-08, T.Y.B.Sc(Comp.Sci.)-06, T.Y.B.Sc-03, T.Y.BBA-03, T.Y.B.Com-02, T.Y.Biotech-01.

  • Our 11 students selected in ICICI Prudential=> T.Y.BCA-03, T.Y.BBA-04, T.Y.B.Com-04.

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